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The Worthgate School Pre-Arrival Guide

Arriving at a new school in a new country can seem very daunting. To help students and parents prepare for this, we have put together a comprehensive pre-arrivals guide that can be found below.

Before you arrive in the UK, you must email admissions:

  • Your arrival date
  • Your flight details
  • Let us know if you need a taxi from the airport*

*we will add the cost of this taxi to your next invoice.

What to bring

There are a some important documents and essential items that every student must bring with them to The Worthgate School. We have created a handy list on this page to help you make sure you have them all.

Things students must bring with them

Passport, visa and course documents

Passport (with visa if required).
Copy of visa decision letter from UKVI (this can be the digital copy).
CAS statement (confirmation of acceptance for studies) or COE (certificate of enrolment).
Boarding pass or flight ticket (especially if using eGates)

Supporting documents

Originals (not photocopies) of the supporting documents for your visa application, plus evidence of finances used for your visa. These will be listed on your CAS Statement.


Any medication you need to take.
Carry a letter (translated into English) from your doctor explaining what the medicine is and what it is for.
Bring any prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses.

Funds for the first two-weeks

You will need funds for your arrival and first two weeks at College to cover books and taxis, most students will need around £100. If you are self-catered you will need around £250.

Parental consent form

Your parental consent form, completed by your parents or guardians.

UK power adaptor

Bring a sufficient UK power adapter for your electronic items.


Bring clothing for all weather conditions. Consider when you are next going home and whether you need clothes for all seasons straight away.

Advice on laptop or tablet computers

Students can choose their device but it should be able to type up essays, carry out research, connect to a printer and have Microsoft Office installed as an English language version.

We recommend the following:

  • 13” screen
  • A keyboard which can be used for essay writing
  • 4GB Ram, Intel I3 processor (or equivalent) and a 500GB HDD
  • WiFi enabled
  • MS Windows with the MS Office portfolio of applications, or Apple Mac equivalent, as an English language installation
  • Those students who wish to use Apple products will need to ensure that they have a Microsoft account that enables them to use MS Office online. Please see Microsoft Account and Office on the Web for more information

Things students should not bring

Bed linen

This will be provided in your Boarding House

Large amounts of cash

Do not carry this on you or in your personal belongings.

Uninsured high value items

We advise against bringing any uninsured high-value items such as jewellery or expensive watches.

Homeopathic, herbal or non-prescribed medications

We advise against bringing any supplements or prescriptions not prescribed by a doctor as it may causes issues on arrival.