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Student Life at Worthgate

At The Worthgate School we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and supportive education environment.

We understand that studying in the UK may be a very different experience for international students and over our 70-year history have created a school that makes sure all students are prepared to achieve their best.

Student Welfare

Our award-winning approach works by identifying the individual’s academic needs and aspirations, providing them with a stimulating and modern immersive education environment which allows them to achieve their goals.

Student Induction

During induction we help students make Canterbury their second home. We help with doctor’s surgery registration, setting up bank accounts, finding the local shopping areas, bus routes and bookshops along with introducing clubs and societies so students can make friends and feel at home.

Personal Development Sessions

Being in the UK is not just about studying, but also about understanding cultures which may be very different from your own. Each week students have a Personal Development session with their Personal Tutor where they can discuss issues they may have.

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Personal Tutors

Every Worthgate student is assigned a Personal Tutor (PT) to make sure they are happy and able to fulfil their potential. All students are allocated to a Personal Tutor Group of about 15 students. PT’s guide and assist in all areas of life at the school and meet students each week to discuss personal development – from personal wellbeing to aims and targets, challenges and accomplishments. All Personal Tutors have taken the Mental Health Aware training provided by Mental Health First Aid England.

Health Centre and Medical Matron

Our fully trained onsite Health Centre staff manage the Health Centre and provide physical and emotional support including medicine and health advice, emotional support, information on diet and healthy living, assessing and providing treatment if required, making referrals to doctors, dentists and other specialists, and counselling for personal issues.

Supportive House Parents

We pride ourselves on our happy school community. Our team of live-in House Parents are always on hand to provide the highest standard of safety and pastoral care and help students settle into their residences by creating a caring and comfortable home. House Parent also make teachers aware of issues that happen outside of the classroom such as homesickness or trouble with homework, so every student is fully supported.

Director of Personal Development and Senior Tutor

Our Director of Personal Development oversees all Personal Tutors and Programme Directors for IB, A level and Foundation, while our Senior Tutor does the same for Pre and GCSE programmes. So Students can be confident that they are getting the best teaching and support possible, and can contact someone every day if needed.

House System at Worthgate

The Worthgate School House System is designed to proactively address key issues that students may face when living away from home and provide an inclusive environment in which every student can feel they belong.

When a student joins the school they are placed in one of our four Houses; Leeds, Dover, Deal or Hever. All our Houses are named after local castles which are famous for their strong characters, rich heritage and stunning locations. Each House has its own colours, logo, motto, and mascot chosen by the students. Each House meets regularly in their ‘Keep’ to celebrate each other’s successes and to promote a family atmosphere.

The House System is part of our school’s commitment to student wellbeing and students are able to volunteer to undertake Mental Health Champion course through Mental Health First Aid England, which encourages peer to peer support and understanding throughout our school community.

Classes in English

The Worthgate School is a fully immersive English environment. All school life, including lessons, are conducted in English, giving every student the opportunity to master the language in both academic and social settings. Our immersive education style nurtures every student to build knowledge, become resilient and achieve the best outcomes in life.

Keeping Parents Informed

Our Student Services Team act as a link between subject teachers, House Parents and parents. Parents are always welcome to meet with any members of staff, and will be updated on their student’s grades every half term, receive a half-termly newsletter and a magazine twice a year, as well as having access to the Worthgate app where all important information is posted.

Shape of the Week


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Period 1


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Period 2


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Period 3


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Period 4


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Period 5


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Period 6


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Period 7


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Period 8

Academic Meetings

18.00 – 19.00


Cooking Club
Craft Skills

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Independent Living Skills

20.00 – 21.00


Prep Time & Welfare 1-1s with BTLs