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Pre-A Level Facts

Course Overview

Pre-A level is designed as an introduction to the UK Further Education system and follows a similar approach to GCSE, but with a duration of one year or less. Students experience a wide range of subjects which prepares them to progress to study A level, or IB although this programme is also suitable for students wishing to progress to study UFP if they are of the appropriate age. 

Pre-A level offers students the opportunity to improve their English prior to moving to more advanced study and students should expect to take external exams in English and Maths. At The Worthgate School, we offer both September and January starting points for Pre-A level.

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Introduces a student to UK teaching and prepares them for further study

Improved subject knowledge for university preparation programmes

English fluency and proficiency ready for university preparation programmes

Enhanced study skills required to excel in a chosen university preparation programme

Builds personal confidence and independence

Improved collaborative skills

Subject Choice and Structure

This programme will give you the basic skills and knowledge needed to start a university preparation programme. Students take a range of compulsory subjects.

Compulsory subjects
Art | Biology | Business | Chemistry | Computing | English | History | Maths | Physical Education | Physics
Questions about Pre-A Level

These programmes let you study a range of subjects that give you a good base knowledge before you go on to study in more detail. GCSEs are the standard route to further study, and ultimately to university, in the UK. All the top universities recognise the programme, and they are even widely recognised internationally by some of the best institutions across the world.

GCSEs are ideal for all students aged 14 onwards, in some instances students aged 13+ are considered. The programme allows you to study a range of subjects, and gives you the right preparation for your further study. Preprogramme is for students aged 15+.

The GCSE programme is one of the ways that you can further your study in the UK and eventually enter university and study for an undergraduate degree. After you have finished GCSE/Pre-programme you will normally have two years of high school left.

GCSEs are widely recognised by employers across the world. High grades are a great way for you to show that you can perform consistently and meet high academic standards. You’ll also learn how to study, ready to go on to A level/IB..

You will take a mixture of internal and external examinations. The main external exams take place in the summer term at the end of your GCSE/Pre-Programme course. To ensure that you are well prepared you will also take CATS mock exams so that you can practise and your teachers can help with anything you are finding difficult. English is also examined and awarded through IGCSE First Language English with an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination. Some subjects (such as the sciences) have an element of coursework which is written or practical work completed throughout the year and counts towards your overall grade.

GCSE/Pre-programme results are published in June and August. Grades range from 9 (the highest possible grade, equivalent to A*) down to grade 1 and then finally to U (the lowest grade), although a ‘good pass’ is considered anything from 9 to 4.