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Principal's Introduction

In all we do, The Worthgate School inspires and empowers our students to achieve greatness.

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From the Principal

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The Worthgate School has been inspiring and empowering students to achieve for over 70 years. Our campus is nestled in a leafy corner of historic Canterbury, a city that is renowned for its safety and beauty, and for being home to three universities that have educated generations of young minds.

We take students from age thirteen and upwards, offering a wide range of qualifications from GCSE to A Level, and are proud to be one of the few institutions in the UK to offer the International Baccalaureate. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we are recognised for providing a prestigious all-round education that gives students a qualification sought after by the top universities looking for the brightest candidates.

Student welfare is central to our ethos, and we provide a stimulating and inclusive environment that goes beyond the classroom. Our friendly staff provide each student with a home away from home and we were proud to be rated ‘fully compliant’ in all areas covering boarding, welfare, achievement and results, curriculum, extra activities, pastoral care, leadership, and teaching.

Our latest ISI Report can be found here.

During their time with us, students develop a growth mentality and we have created our Worthgate Characteristics to encourage the development of key characteristic that allow them to contribute positively to the local and global community and become agents for change.

In all we do, The Worthgate School inspires and empowers our students to achieve greatness.

Dr Ian Gross – Principal

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The Worthgate Characteristics

The Worthgate Characteristics are attributes that support students to become agents for change.

Through living and learning at The Worthgate School, students have the opportunity to develop these characteristics and contribute actively and positively to the community, locally, nationally, and globally, now and in the future.


We act with care, empathy and respect to make a positive difference to the lives of others, our community and the world around us. We understand the importance of taking care of ourselves, and living balanced lives, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.


We express ourselves confidently and creatively in many ways and many languages. We listen carefully to different perspectives and collaborate positively with others. We celebrate the shared language of English which enables us to communicate with people from across the globe.

Open Minded

We critically appreciate our own cultures and personal stories, as well as the traditions and values of others. We are willing to learn and grow from our experiences and be inclusive. We engage positively with views that differ from our own and work actively to question and challenge inequality and discrimination.


We can cope with challenges and barriers and recover quickly when we fail. We approach uncertainty with determination and use innovative strategies to keep moving forward and adapt positively to change.

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Critical Thinkers

We are curious and develop skills for inquiry and research, demonstrating a love for learning. We use critical and creative thinking skills to solve complex problems, taking initiative to develop knowledge and understanding across a variety of disciplines. We think beyond the curriculum to engage in issues of local and global significance.

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