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What do you enjoy about studying in the UK? Hear from our students!

Did you know over 600,000 students chose to study in the UK between 2021-22?* It’s one of the most popular international study locations in the world!  

At The Worthgate School, we have a large, multicultural community of students who’ve chosen to study in the UK. Our close-knit, friendly community of staff and students help make the transition to international study run smoothly. When you arrive at The Worthgate School you become a part of a diverse community, giving you the opportunity to make friends who are a part of different cultures and speak different languages!

There are lots of fantastic reasons to choose the UK and The Worthgate School as your study destination. One being the opportunity to take on the globally recognised International Baccalaureate. This qualification is taught in around 150 countries! It offers huge diversity across disciplines and is consistently applauded for its rigorous curriculum that is known for sharpening student’s creative, critical and independent thinking skills. It’s a great way to prepare for university study or an international career.

Don’t just take our word on the UK being a great place to study. We asked our international students, who have first-hand experience of living and studying in the UK, to share why they enjoy studying here.

“I enjoy the lovely community because I’m surrounded by people from different cultures and academic backgrounds.”

Lara from Montenegro

“I like studying in the UK because I can make lots of friends from other countries”

Ashley from South Korea

‘The education system is really good in the UK.’

Ernest from Kyrgyzstan

“The UK’s academic culture is more specific, which is different from my home country.”

Polina from Ukraine 

“For me the UK is just this big world of opportunities and new possibilities, especially in the area I want to specialise in, which is technology in the medical field. In my country I wouldn’t have those opportunities.”

Carolina from Brazil

Our students choose The Worthgate School because its cultural diversity creates an immersive sense of community. Students feel confident they’ll have opportunities to advance their studies and pursue their dream careers here. To help this happen, our staff provide exceptional pastoral and academic support to make students’ studies enjoyable and successful.

Here at The Worthgate School we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding school experience for the young people who study with us. Staff make every effort to ensure students feel welcome, safe and happy while studying here. They go above and beyond to help students settle into their life and education in Canterbury.

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