Graduation Celebrations 2024 At The Worthgate School

The Worthgate School Graduation celebrated the Class of 2024 and their personal and academic achievements this year on Friday 14th June. 

Class of 2024 A Level, UFP, IB and GCSE students, Principal Dr. Ian Gross, and their teachers were joined by their families (in person and virtually) to celebrate everyone’s achievements over this year at The Worthgate School.

Dr. Nicola Robinson, Vice Principal, opened the graduation ceremony with a warm welcome, praising our students for their hard work and enthusiasm for school life. 

Dr. Ian Gross spoke about the characteristics instilled by a Worthgate School education. The Worthgate School encourages students to be positive agents for change, asking them to improve the world around them. Dr. Gross encouraged students to continuing learning and to embrace the educational opportunities offered by university and beyond. He asked them to continue to exhibit The Worthgate Characteristics by being agents of change in their professions and communities. 

Professor Toby Salt, Chair of the CATS Global Schools Governing Body, gave the keynote speech. He shared how he had enjoyed more educational opportunities than his parents, reminding students about the power of education to open doors to new opportunities and adventures. He encouraged our graduating classes to embrace the opportunities ahead of them.

Alumni student, Zachary Yip, also delivered an inspiring speech to our students and guests. Drawing on his experience of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, he encouraged the students to embrace challenges and use them as learning experiences. His own achievements, wining the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and completing a masters degree, demonstrated for students the value of viewing challenges as opportunities. 


The Worthgate School’s Graduation recognises our students academic and personal achievements during their studies. A particular highlight each year is the Student Agent of Change Award. The award celebrates how a student embodies The Worthgate School’s characteristics and values, and their contributions to the school community and beyond.

For 2024, two students, Lana and William, were awarded the Student Agent of Change Award. Both students have been active participants in school life, helping to organise events, such as Wear It Pink, Odd Socks Day and Walk to Whitstable and Beach Clean Up. Lana has been a key figure in the Diversity Committee and director of Glee Society, coordinating performances at school events. William has been Leeds Vice Captain and created a student rep role at the Harvey residence, having recognised a need in the boarding community; he has also won the CIFE Sixth Form award. Both students have inspired and empowered the wider school community to engage in school life through their leadership and example. 

A tradition of The Worthgate School Graduation is the inclusion of student performances, which always showcase the creative talents of our students. This year, performances included a poetry reading by Taras of his CATS Global Schools Poetry Award winning poem ‘Time’, two performances by Glee Society and a duet performance by Meric and Kanyinsola. 

It was a wonderful celebration of our students, their achievements and the school community that inspires and empowers them.  

Congratulations to all of our 2024 students graduating from The Worthgate School! We wish you the very best in the next stages of your personal educational journey. We are excited to see what you achieve next. 

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