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Exam Busters Workshop at The Worthgate School

Students across The Worthgate School recently attended Positively You’s Exam Busters Workshop.

Organised by our Assistant Principal Academic, Rebecca Champion, this exams skills workshop aimed to support students  who are currently preparing for examinations. The goal of the event was to develop and improve students revision skills to help them achieve a successful exam experience.

As The Worthgate School enters the Summer Term, many students are preparing to take their final exams. Positively You’s workshop looked at the different ways students can tackle their revision efficiently and effectively, so they are able to maximise their time and learning. The workshop was attended by our Year 11 GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and our University Foundation Programme students.

Praised by the students as an ‘amazing presentation’ which ‘gave me confidence’, the Exam Busters Workshop was definitely a hit. It provided them with lots of methods and techniques to support their exam revision moving forwards.

Natalie was an engaging presenter who had some interesting ways of condensing facts to help our students remember and recount during exams. By using various parts of the brain and the art of suggestion, Natalie showed how you can trick yourself into remembering incidental information. This is so beneficial to our students who can feel a lot of pressure to achieve, any tricks and tips that can help during exams are welcomed.

Suzanne, Exams Officer, The Worthgate School

In fact, it was such a glowing success that The Worthgate School hope to add a further session in the next academic year. This means our students will benefit from a Bridging the Gap Workshop in the Autumn Term and following this will be the Exam Busters Workshop, which will be brought forward to January so students have even more time to ingrain the techniques taught into their revision.

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At The Worthgate School we have lots of opportunities to support our students in furthering their academic and personal development. This Exam Buster’s workshop was just one of the ways we support students preparing to undertake exams.

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