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Worthgate UFP Results 2023 Secure Top University Places

Nicola Robinson, Acting Principal, The Worthgate School Canterbury

We are so pleased with the excellent performance of our University Foundation Programme students. Our students have taken every advantage we could offer them to create a bright academic future for themselves at top UK Universities.

Over the last decade, 100% of the Russell Group universities who accept the CATS UFP have accepted Worthgate students – and this year’s students are no exception to this history of high achievement. 42% of students who studied Sociology achieved an A* or A and 38% of students who studied Biology achieved an A*.

Nicola Robinson

Acting Principal
The Worthgate School

Historic Success

Students from The Worthgate School have secured places at 25 of the top 25 UK universities that accept our University Foundation Programme over the previous decade. This includes 100% of the Russell Group universities which accept UFP certification. 

Our 2023 students have achieved results which will see them study at top universities, creating a bright future of their own making.

The Worthgate School UFP Results 2023

Nationality Subject1 Grade1 Subject2 Grade2 Subject3 Grade3
Hong Kong Chemistry A* Mathematics A* Physics A*
Nigerian Business A* Economics A* Psychology A*
Singaporean Biology A* Psychology A* Sociology A*
Brazilian Biology A* Psychology A* Sociology A*
Italian Business A* Economics A* Geography A*
Chinese Chemistry A* Mathematics A* Physics A*
Nigerian History A* Psychology A* Sociology A*
Nigerian International Relations A* Psychology A* Sociology A*
Chinese Business A* Economics A* Mathematics A*
Nigerian Chemistry A* Mathematics A* Physics A*
Albanian Biology A* Psychology A* Chemistry A
Thai Biology A* Psychology A* Chemistry A
Montenegrin Sociology A* Economics A* Business A
German Business A* Sociology A* Psychology A
Worthgate UFP Stats (1)

90% of Russell Group Universities have accepted our students*

* Over the last 10 years, only including Russell Group Universities that accept the UFP
ufp results

Students have gone to
90% of the top 30 UK Unis
who accept our UFP

*Over the last ten years

Top University Destinations

Royal Holloway
King's College London
King's College London
University of St Andrews

"Teachers and students have great relationships with each other, which really helped me a lot. I feel like I can rely on them.”

Boss from Thailand,
Studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Boss has been accepted to The University of St Andrews, the second highest ranked university in the UK according to the Time and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023
Nina from Montenegro UFP

"I really enjoy doing my coursework as I develop skills like research writing which will help me later on at university. I think it is a very helpful course for the future."

Nina from Montenegro,
Studied Economics, Business and Sociology

Nina has been accepted to City University of London

We’re pleased to see all of our 2023 Students from The Worthgate School take their next steps to top universities across the United Kingdom.


Study three subjects to set you on a path to gaining a place at one of the UK’s top universities. Talk to us to find out how your journey to a top UK university begins at The Worthgate School Canterbury.

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