Students happy

Prom at The Worthgate School

It’s prom! After weeks of preparation, our year 13 students celebrated prom on Friday 28th April!

We took an empty hall and transformed it into an enchanted forest, which was the perfect setting for this magical prom. Hanging vines drooped from the ceilings and trailed round the banisters, fairylights cast a dreamy glow around the venue and despite the ceiling we were looking up at blue skies all evening!

Catering put together an amazing selection of food to fuel students as they danced the evening away and of course, no enchanted forest is complete without a doughnut wall!

That wasn’t our only feature wall though. Students had the chance to grab a classic prom pic in front of our photo wall.

The Worthgate School’s 2023 prom was a fantastic event where our students got to celebrate the achievements, memories and friends they’ve made during their studies at The Worthgate School.

Our staff team worked tirelessly to transform the venue. They made students’ vision for prom into reality and created an experience that will stay with our students forever!

Here at The Worthgate School, we want every student to have a great school experience. Our amazing staff offer excellent academic and pastoral support to every student. Throughout the year they run clubs, trips and events for students to get involved with.

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