The Worthgate School Students Receive Offers From Cambridge And Oxford Universities

We are extremely pleased to announce this year’s university place offers for students currently studying at The Worthgate School. This year’s cohort has received offers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

Ian Goss Head The Worthgate

"A hearty congratulations to the two students from The Worthgate School who have been offered places to study at the University of Cambridge and Oxford. We are delighted that our students will have the opportunity to study at the world's most prestigious universities.

For developing and encouraging our students and making this possible, I would like to thank our Director of Higher Education and supporting staff. Every student receives one-to-one support in line with their interests and ambitions. They are provided with advice and mentoring to encourage independent study, research and extracurricular activities through our Elective's Programme, ensuring our students’ applications stand out. Well done to the students and staff whose hard work has secured these offers and exciting futures, we are so proud of your accomplishments."

Dr. Ian Gross, Principal, The Worthgate School, Canterbury

This year students from The Worthgate School have received one offer from the University of Cambridge and one offer for the University of Oxford.

Robin Cousins, Director for Higher Education at The Worthgate School offers his congratulations:

“This year we were very successful with our students from A Level courses – receiving offers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford so far this academic year.

It’s a sign of their dedication and ability to get the most they possibly can from the support we provide here at the school. At The Worthgate School we offer extensive one to one support for our students throughout application process.

One of the things that universities love to see is students that challenge themselves, and we give our students the chance to do that with super-curricular activities which can be used to enhance their applications.

Every offer received is an endorsement of the potential that our students can achieve, providing direction and motivation for them to tackle the next stage of their academic life. We’re proud of what has been achieved so far and look forward to securing those places at top UK universities.”

University of Oxford
University of Cambridge

"Mr Cousin‘s, our Key Professions Programme leader, supported us immensely. Without him it would not be possible. The help was very immersive and he supported at every stage. We could ask him anything."

Aryan from Iran has recieved an offer to read Medicine at the University of Cambridge

The Worthgate Futures Programme

For the most competitive programmes and universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge university courses, there are additional steps to applications. There are admission interviews, entrance exams and exceptionally high standards for personal statements. Students applying to Oxford or Cambridge will need a particularly strong academic background to develop their application.

At The Worthgate School we offer dedicated support for student looking to apply to top universities. Our Worthgate Futures Programme helps students gain experiences that will help them with their applications.

The school offers students opportunities to attend numerous experiences outside of their lessons. This could be taking part in the Fundamentals of Marketing course, the Model United Nations, or even joining the Philosophy Society. This makes it easier for our students to articulate the additional skills they have learnt in their personal statement, whether that’s their ability to research, communicate or understand complex ideas and data.

Students also receive dedicated lessons to teach them the best way to structure their personal statements and how to highlight their true strengths to prospective universities. Beyond this, one-to-one sessions are arranged to provide targeted help and guidance to get students the university offers they’ve worked so hard for.

Inspire. Empower. Achieve.

We support you every step of the way to securing your future. Discover your path to a top UK university at The Worthgate School Canterbury.

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