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A Happy New Year from The Worthgate School

The New Year marks a new beginning. But before we look ahead at 2024, let us reflect on our successes at The Worthgate School in 2023.

Before we delve into the highlights of the year, our Principal has a quick message for all of the students, staff and families who are part of the The Worthgate School community: 

Happy new year from us here at The Worthgate School. The new year is a chance for us to all look at what we want to achieve over this academic year and beyond – whether that’s next steps towards further study with us here at the school, or for our final year students, their bright futures at a top UK university.

Soon university offers will begin arriving for our students, bringing with them a sense of purpose and direction which will drive students to achieve the most they possibly can. It’s an exciting time at the school as students see their futures unfolding in front of them. We wish them all the best of luck when the offers arrive.

2023 was a year of new starts, for myself included, and I can attest that there is no better welcome into a school than that of The Worthgate School. We make sure all of our students and teaching staff have the support and space they need to perform to the best of their abilities.

We wish you all a happy new year!

Dr Ian Gross, FCCT 
Principal, The Worthgate School

Ian Gross Head of The Worthgate School

Here at The Worthgate School 2023 was a fantastic year. Each of our students are that much closer to achieving their academic and personal goals, and the school community has much to celebrate from 2023.

Thanks to the brilliant work of our student-led Diversity Committee The Worthgate School was shortlisted for the ‘Excellence and Innovation in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award’.

The nomination was a testament to our students work to create tangible and impactful change, as well as our commitment and success at creating a diverse and inclusive environment as a school community.

The Worthgate Students celebrating outside of the school

We offer multiple programmes to prepare our students for university study. Across these programmes students from The Worthgate School have progressed to study at top universities like Royal Holloway, University of St Andrews and Kings College London.

Royal Holloway
University of St Andrews
King's College London
King's College London

Our Diversity Committee had success after success in 2023. They crafted a proposal to justify why locally born writer Aphra Behn should receive a blue plaque to commemorate her life and achievements. Behn, who is widely considered the first professional female writer in England, was a tricky choice for the accolade. The plaque needed to be mounted in a place associated with her life, and historical record revealed very little about Behn’s time in Canterbury. However, after our Diversity Committee’s work to source a location with close enough links to Behn, she was awarded a blue plaque.

As we wait excitedly to see what 2024 has in store for us, we are also thankful for all of the learning, success and happiness that 2023 brought with it.


The Worthgate School’s small classes, great facilities and wealth of extra-curricular opportunities inspires and empowers our students to achieve greatness.

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