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GCSE Results 2023: A Bright Future

Ian Gross Head of The Worthgate School

"I congratulate all our GCSE students receiving their results today for their excellent performance.

This year 50% of History grades are A* 44% of Maths grades are A* or A. With these results today they are set for the next step on their academic journey, whether that’s on to A Levels, University Foundation Programmes, or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

We wish them all the best in their further studies."

Dr Ian Gross

The Worthgate School Canterbury

Set Up For Higher Education

In 2023 42% of The Worthgate School students achieved at least one A* or A grade.

At The Worthgate School, we recognise each student’s potential and work with them to understand their goals. Our small classes and committed staff allow for a supportive and stimulating educational environment where students are inspired and empowered to achieve greatness.

The Worthgate School GCSE Results 2023

Worthgate UFP Stats (1)

90% of Russell Group Universities have accepted our students*

* Over the last 10 years, only including Russell Group Universities that accept the UFP
ufp results

Students have gone to
90% of the top 30 UK Unis
who accept our UFP

*Over the last ten years

“GCSE is about understanding, rather than just learning information. It is more how you can apply the information in your real life.”

Sidharth from India

Sidharth took iGCSE Maths in Year 10 in 2023, achieving an A* grade.
Sid GCSE Student at The Worthgate
Harold GCSE student at The Worthgate

“I think the best bit of studying GCSEs in Worthgate School is you get to be in the same classroom with your friends. You share almost the same people in all of your classes. It is more fun spending time with your friends while you learn.”

Harold from South Korea

Harold took iGCSE Maths in Year 10 in 2023, achieving an A* grade.

Study GCSEs at The Worthgate School

The Worthgate School inspires and empowers our students to achieve greatness.

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