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Celebrating International Happiness Day!

March 20th marked the 11th anniversary of the International Day of Happiness. Introduced by the UN in 2012, the International Day of Happiness gives us the chance to reflect on what has made us happy this past year. It also serves as an important reminder to prioritise happiness and wellbeing in the year ahead. Here at Worthgate, we recognise the vital role happiness plays in staying motivated and focused.

Our students shared some of the things that brought them joy on International Happiness Day:  

Canterbury is a city soaked with history from its cobbled streets to its iconic cathedral. Virginia Woolfe claimed, “there is no lovelier place in the world than Canterbury” and we couldn’t agree more! Finding your happy place has never been easier but if you need some help, we recommend starting here:

Feel happy in nature

Westgate Gardens is a beautiful public garden that blooms beside the banks of the River Stour. It’s the perfect space to enjoy some sunshine and catch up with friends over a picnic. If you wander the grounds, you’ll be following the path of an old Roman city wall, which was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell’s army around the time of the British civil war.

Discover happiness at Canterbury Cathedral

Who could visit Canterbury without touring the cathedral? Built in 597 AD, the cathedral is home to 1426 years of history. Within its walls you’ll come across hidden chapels, secret gardens and medieval ruins. There are endless opportunities to explore and learn within the cathedral walls and whether you visit alone, with friends or join the experts for a tour of the historic site, it’s a great day out.

Find happiness in the arts

The Canterbury festival, otherwise known as Kent’s International Festival of Arts, has been running since the 1920s! It is an integral part of the local community, which takes place over a fortnight every year. The festival hosts a range of events celebrating the arts in all their forms. There’s lots to see and do, like attending a walking tour, entering one of their competitions or watching a performance!

Here at The Worthgate School, we understand the importance of staying happy, particularly when moving and studying abroad. We offer a range of support and activities to our students so that they can keep a happy and healthy mind during their studies.

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