The Worthgate school selected as a finalist in the Working with Vulnerable Children Award by Boarding School’s Association

The Worthgate School has been selected as a finalist in the Working with Vulnerable Children Award category by Boarding School’s Association. Our nomination for this award is a fantastic reflection of the support we provide to every student. 

We spoke to our Principal, Severine Collins, for her thoughts on the nomination,  

“I am delighted to announce that, following a submission to the Boarding School’s Association by Emily Coleman, Deputy Head of Boarding, has been chosen as one of the finalists in the Working with Vulnerable Children Award category.  

 We ensure that every child’s best interests are at the heart of what we do, and truly believe that the outcomes for each child should be unique and centred around their aptitudes, whether in class, at college or in Boarding. As a school, we work together between boarding, academic, pastoral, and medical teams to ensure our students get the best possible care and support whilst with us, and the BSA has shortlisted the school based on some particular support that has ben provided to one of our students.”  

One of our A-level students had this to say about the support provided at The Worthgate School,  

“Here at The Worthgate School, getting help is a piece of cake. Just say “help me” and they will provide you with overwhelming support and attention. No one should suffer from inner problems alone and our teachers do their best to ensure just that. They are not only always on standby, ready to help any student who reached out to them, but they also make observations to determine if there is anything wrong with the students and they are not reluctant to take action.”

Congratulations to all the staff at The Worthgate School for their recognised dedicated support, who go above and beyond for our students wellbeing at the college. 

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