Our Number One Students in Spring 2024

At The Worthgate School striving for excellence is an everyday part of students lives. Our Number One Student award is just one of the ways we motivate our students to aspire to greatness. 

Every week all The Worthgate School students compete individually to earn the most Griffin Points. They also compete between their houses to earn the most House Points across the school. You can find a complete breakdown of our points system here

21,611 House Points have been awarded to our students so far. As always, the competition between our houses was intense, but at last count our league table looked like this:


Our point systems inspires a healthy sense of competition amongst peers and is our way of applauding students for their positive contributions to the school and wider community, inside and outside of the classroom. 

Each week the student with the most Griffin Points becomes The Worthgate Schools Number One Student. Here is a gallery of all the Number One Students from Spring 2024. 

Our Number One Students From Autumn 2023

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The Worthgate School pride ourselves on empowering our students to achieve excellence. Staff take every opportunity to celebrate our students and their achievements as part of our effort to ensure students feel welcome, safe and happy while studying here.

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