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University Success: The Offers are in!

The Worthgate School’s students have started looking towards the future as university offers arrive!

The Worthgate School students consistently show us they are hardworking, motivated and ambitious individuals. Their incredible work ethic is particularly noticeable as they work towards attending university.

With revision to complete and exams to sit, lessons to attend and life to live, our students are busier than ever! Such demanding schedules can be hard to manage, making it easy to fall into the trap of procrastination. The simple act of reminding yourself why you are doing something can help you to refocus and boost your motivation.

We interrupted some of our busy students to ask them about their university offers:

Lara has offers from Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London and The University of Southampton.

I would like to work in biomedical sciences in the future especially something to do with oncology or neuroscience as they’re developing fields and I’d like to contribute to them.

Ernest has offers from Durham University, The University of Liverpool and The University of Surrey.

Durham is my favourite University. I would like to be a computer scientist.

Carolina has offers from Imperial College London, The University of Warwick and Queen Mary University of London to study Biomedical Engineering.

Researching technological developments, that’s my hope for my future career.

Kuzey has offers from The University of Bath, The University of Southampton and Loughborough University to study Computer Science.

After university I will do a masters, but I haven’t decided what I want to do after that.

Besmir has offers from The University of Exeter, The University of East Anglia and Queen Mary University of London.

I would like to be a surgeon. Also, I’d like to get another degree too, like in architecture.

Polina has offers from Queen Mary University of London, The University of Birmingham and The University of Bath to study Chemical Engineering

I would like to work in energy or go into technology development. Those are the two paths I’m looking at.

Many of our students dream of attending a top university. We aim to give them every advantage in achieving university success through our enhanced package of application support, which prepares students for all aspects of the admissions process. On top of this, each year we run a virtual Oxbridge Applications and Admissions event where students receive guidance from admissions tutors, Oxbridge academics and alumni who are now attending there. Furthermore, The Worthgate Futures Programme provides all students with knowledge and skills that go beyond the curriculum, helping them to stand out on university applications.  

The Worthgate School is committed to delivering an exceptional school experience for the young people who study with us. We are incredibly proud of the hard work our students show every day and are committed to providing students with outstanding academic and pastoral support.

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