Student achieves top place in first round of the International Economics Olympiad in Albania

Congratulations to first year A level student Moira for her exceptional achievement of top place in the first round of the International Economics Olympiad in Albania.  Supported by Eric Maskin, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2007, the Olympiad is an annual competition for high school students around the world in the areas of Economics and Finance, with the goals of encouraging friendly relations and discovering, challenging and rewarding young people who are exceptionally talented in these subjects. 

Commenting on her success, Moira said –

“I felt really happy that my hard work was reflected in my achievement in this first phase of the Olympiad and was very grateful to everyone who has supported me in gaining more knowledge of economics. It was challenging to use the economics terms in Albanian after studying them in English. I will continue working even harder to perform in the same way in the continuing rounds of the competition to represent the College in the best way possible”.   

At The Worthgate School we are committed to encouraging all of our students to take part in extra-curricular opportunities to explore and demonstrate their skills and talents. This is a prime example of the dedication and passion our students continue to show throughout their studies, and we are incredibly proud of Moira’s success during her time at The Worthgate School.

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