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International Women in Engineering Day

At The Worthgate School we are always in pursuit of providing forward thinking education, that considers our ever growing and changing world. We aim to set our students up to be an influential part of that world.

Friday 23rd June marks the 9th anniversary of International Women in Engineering Day. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the fantastic female engineers who have shaped the world we live in, while also bringing awareness to the barriers women in engineering face. It encourages young women with a passion for STEM subjects to pursue a career in them.


International Women in Engineering Day got us thinking about how to uplift the voices of the young women who will help create the future of engineering.

We chatted with two young women who are currently sitting their A-Levels at The Worthgate School, with the goal of specialising in an engineering field at University. 

Women in Engineering: The Facts!

I’d like a career in chemical engineering. I would like to work in the energy field or to go into technology development.

Polina from Ukraine

Offers from Queen Mary University of London, The University of Birmingham and The University of Bath to study Chemical Engineering.

‘I hope my career will be in research or technological development.’

Carolina from Brazil

Offers from Imperial College London, The University of Warwick and Queen Mary University of London to study Bio-medical Engineering.

Whilst female voices are still massively underrepresented within engineering, we are marching steadily towards progress. Education opens pathways to innovation and at The Worthgate School we set our students up to be pioneers of industry and journey out into the world and make a change.

Here at The Worthgate School, we offer high quality teaching that reflects our pursuit of forward-thinking academic excellence. We encourage all our students to be curious and thoughtful learners and offer a wide and varied curriculum that supports students in pursuing their future goals.

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