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Student welfare is central to our ethos, and we provide a stimulating and inclusive environment that goes beyond the classroom. 

We have seen many students who have attended our school achieve great success, from progressing to top ranked universities to moving onto successful careers.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about their experience:

Worthgate School gives me the opportunity to get into a good university. All the staff and teachers know that we are from different countries, and they are patient with us to ensure we understand everything.

Teachers and house parents help me to improve a lot. They helped me to improve my English by talking to them and feel comfortable talking to other students.

Anastasiia, GCSE

The teachers treat us as adults of the future, they do not treat us as kids. It’s up to us to do the work and achieve things we have set up as our goals.

Vinicius, University Foundation

The Worthgate School promotes a lot of things that are helpful to progress to university. Such as independence, freedom in your lifestyle, higher education, and most importantly, this college prepares you to go on to university.

Hasan, University Foundation

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