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First Impressions of The Worthgate School

With students travelling from around the world to attend The Worthgate School, we understand the importance of making a good first impression.

The foundation of a great school experience starts with your first impression. This is why we aim to support student’s transition to international study from the moment they step through our doors. We want our students to feel that as well as being their school, Worthgate is their home away from home. We strive to create a welcoming, friendly and educational environment for all who attend, in the hopes of making a lasting and impactful impression on our students.

We asked current students to reflect on their first impression of The Worthgate School:

“I was scared I wasn’t going to meet a lot of people because I’m really shy. But once I came here, I met so many amazing, lovely people that are open minded and accepted me.”
“My first impressions were pretty good. I was excited to be in a new country and away from home.”
“The most impressive thing was the amount of students from different cultures and nationalities.”
“I thought it was a really nice place to study. It’s a beautiful city and school.”

Starting a new school is always nerve-wracking, especially when you’re moving across the world to do so. It’s also one of the most exciting times of your life. It’s a time when there are endless possibilities ahead of you. It’s a chance to chase your passions, try new hobbies and meet new friends. We want to give students the best start and support in exploring all those possibilities, from the moment they arrive.

Here at The Worthgate School, we want our students to feel welcomed, safe and happy. We offer a variety of clubs and activities to support them in achieving this. Our staff go above and beyond to help students settle into their life and education in Canterbury.

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