The Impact of the Proposed Changes to A Levels

Dr Craig Wilson, Managing Director Schools at CATS Global Schools, shares his thoughts on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plans to radically reform A levels. On Friday 22 Sept 2023 Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asked for plans to be drawn up for radical reform of A Levels, introducing a baccalaureate style qualification that would allow students […]

A Level Results 2023: A Bright Future

The Worthgate Students celebrating outside of the school

“From all of us at The Worthgate School, we congratulate all of our A Level students receiving their results today and commend them for their high achievements. The Worthgate School is no stranger to great outcomes, 92% of Russell Group universities have accepted our A Level students. We are so proud of what this year’s […]

International Baccalaureate Results 2023: UK University Success Ahead

Worthgate Graduation 2023 Round of Applause

“We’re so pleased with the results from this year’s International Baccalaureate students. Their hard work and dedication to their studies has put them firmly on the path to a life full of high achievement. 100% of our students studying Economics at the higher level achieved a 7, while all of our students receiving their IB […]

Worthgate UFP Results 2023 Secure Top University Places

We are so pleased with the excellent performance of our University Foundation Programme students. Our students have taken every advantage we could offer them to create a bright academic future for themselves at top UK Universities. Over the last decade, 100% of the Russell Group universities who accept the CATS UFP have accepted Worthgate students […]